One of the many interesting projects we work on here at CustomMayd are the collaborations with the Microsoft Learning Team in the creation of developer training courses. 

As today is the start of a new quarter, the latest round of courses have been published:

The process of developing a course with Microsoft is an interesting one. It usually starts with a high-level “one liner” description such as ‘We want to help Windows Forms developers refresh their legacy applications’. We usually then engage in an iterative design phase where we consider a broader set of objectives that align with the design goal and the constraints of the format - it is typical for these courses to contain 4 modules and target 10-15 hours of activity for the learner.

Once we have sign-off on the design, we then start work on the detailed design. This usually entails the creation of a detailed course outline, demo apps and other resources with the intent of confirming the feasibility of delivering the objectives within the timeline and budget. The outcome of this stage is a detailed design.

Once that is signed off, we commence the creation of the modules. Our training materials are typically detailed hands-on style labs with a lot of detailed commentary explain not only “what” is to be done, but also “why” – best practices, etc. as well as collating external references for the learner that wishes to dive deeper into the subject matter. As we proceed through the labs, we take snapshots of source code, etc. so that a learner can easily detect any errors they may have made, etc. We create the courses using MarkDown and our preferred editor is Visual Studio Code.

2018-04-02 11_07_32-03-Connect App to Azure SQL - DEV332x_Extend_Your_Application_with_R 

Once the labs are complete, we usually record a number of supporting videos – either as screen captures or in the Microsoft recording studios as “talking heads”.

2018-04-02 11_09_56-Anatomy of a Module _ Module Syntax _ DEV314x Courseware _ edXPrescriptionManagerVideo

Recording the videos in the studio is usually entertaining – we tend to batch them into a number of days which can get pretty exhausting as well!

Take a look at the courses and let us know if you or your organization would like some custom training created. We actually have many more courses published on as well as Channel 9 and Microsoft Virtual Academy:

Channel 9

Microsoft Virtual Academy


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